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Dear Bengaluru Citizen,

BBMP Election is coming up in the next couple of months. Bengaluru's future lies in our hands, more specifically in our fingers which are going to vote! Unlike in the past, let's make sure that we get good citizens elected as Corporators this time. You can do your bit by volunteering a few hours of your time every week for BNP. Better still, if you want to contest in the Corporator Elections to bring about change, you can choose that option too. Please do select the appropriate option and our team will reach out to you.

You can contribute / volunteer in any of the following ways :

I just want to stay connected with the Party as a supporter and receive regular updates on various initiatives and how they impact Bengaluru!

I would like to spread the concept and message of BNP to other Bengaluru citizens through social media & other possible ways!

I would like to volunteer with BNP by taking part in meetings, providing inputs, as well as taking part in initiatives of BNP from time to time!

I would like to be part of the central / ward level leadership team and play an active role in helping build the BNP organization!

I would like to stand for Corporator elections from my ward through the BNP platform and help build a better Bengaluru!